Project Overview

Dun & Bradstreet’s flagship product DNBi, serves as the largest credit management application our customers use world-wide. This project is a slow, difficult and steady approach to completely re-think the credit use cases and offer innovative solutions to the problems of a credit manager. This has been an ongoing project and involves close to a hundred people working on it.

ProcessĀ and Methods

To better understand the needs and requirements of our customers, we engaged in a research phase that included Persona Creation and Customer Interviews across 4 countries. Then came the Design Workshops where a group of people including Business Analysis, Developers, Designers and Product Managers came and solved problems of Scope, Requirements and Design decisions.

Lessons Learned

Every time there are more than fifty people in heavy discussions for the design of a product, it always has benefits and drawbacks. Sometimes we felt we were saved by the brilliance of one person’s idea and other times we struggled to reach consensus. But overall, we worked as a team and managed to release the product which works and looks like a modern day app.