“It’s not the hours you put in your work that counts,
it’s the work you put in the hours.”

Sam Ewing

Something that I have always lived by. I believe more often than not, when people are highly motivated, they go to great lengths and put in a little extra. It’s these situations that have a unique adrenaline rush and time just appears to disappear.

I grew up in the city of Ahmedabad, India where I completed by Bachelors in Engineering. Because of my cultural background, I have come to respect the concept of good education, sound values and a pursuit for ‘better’.

I came to the United States in the year 2012 to pursue a Masters Degree in Human Factors Engineering. After 5 years of being here, I must say that I am thoroughly enjoying. I have worked in the UX Profession for more than three years now and can’t see myself doing anything else anytime soon.

Ask me about my hobbies and interests and I’m sure we’ll find some things in common. I have a rule of trying most (safe and legal) things at least once.

Email : [email protected]