Project Overview

Lead Generation is one of Dun & Bradstreet’s core capabilities. A User can could query the database which has millions of companies and contacts and generate a list of leads that they wish to target. A UI rethink was needed as the traditional approach was not very User Friendly and did not scale well.

Process and Methods

I ended up using most of the core methods to come up with a workable solution. I engaged in Competitor Research, User Flows, Getting Requirements from Stakeholders, Mapping Variables to UI paradigms, Wire Frames and Usability Testing. The UI had to be build to accommodate any future set of facets offered.

Lessons Learned

From the two primary ways we could have taken this UI, we ended up using an E-commerce style Layout with facets on the left and the query results on the stage. even though the list of facets could quickly get too long, collapsible accordions and categorization would make sure the a User can find what they need.