Project Overview

Just like Rules Engines, Search is also one of my favorite design issues to tackle. Dun & Bradstreet’s Search game has always been a little weak. We hired a Search Expert in early 2015 to help architect a better search experience across all our products. As part of a proof of concept, we needed our ideas in a visual format. It was short project with deep benefits.

ProcessĀ and Methods

After having several meetings with the Search expert, we reached a common point on what features to tackle first and what would make sense for our users. I was already coming in with lots of User Research related to Search, from my previous projects. We did a short design activity to finalize the designs needed to build the perfect pitch.

Lessons Learned

The screens I created were very helpful in presentations and get across the pain points of our customers and how we would solve them. There are still many techniques we would like to use when it comes to search, but we agreed that our user base was needing simplicity in design and efficiency in execution and performance as opposed to going overkill on the design.