Project Overview

This project was a part of a bigger initiative to deliver a best in class Lead Generation Software. A User would be able to create multiple ‘Lists’ using this software and a way to manage these lists was needed. The requirements included being able to preview the contents of a list, launch it or create a new one.

ProcessĀ and Methods

We explored a couple different options to lay out this list manager and presented this to our stakeholders. Since both approaches handled the requirements, we engaged in quick user testing to see what users preferred. We needed to create an overall user flow since there could be multiple entry points.

Lessons Learned

Since we wanted to keep the overall feel of the application to be very dynamic and responsive, we went with a two column approach that was well understood by our test users as well. We ended up removing the idea of ‘List Templates’ as we felt that would complicate this screen. Finally we added the relevant metadata.